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The pictures that will be displayed here are mostly gonna be clips from comicbooks (The Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, etc...) and some miscellaneous pictures.
"The Far Side" - by Gary Larson
Fly: "I wouldn't do that, bartender... Unless, of course, you think you're fast enough."
Surgeon: "Whoa! That was a good one! Try it Hobbs - Just poke his brain where my finger is..."
At slow cheetahs anonymous
Alert, but far from panicked, the herbivores studied the sudden arrival of two cheetah speed walkers
Chickens: "Lord, we thank thee..."
Abducted by an alien circus company, Professor Doyle is forced to write calculus equations in center ring
Dog: "Oo! I'd get up on that big fuzzy one!"
Fly Dates
Customer: "Waitor! What's that soup doin' on my fly?"
Sumo Temporaries
Early experiments in transportation
God at his computer
Junior high gorillas
Fish: "Well, first the bad news - you're definitely hooked!"
Monster malfunction
Indian: "Little bear! A watched head never gets eaten by ants."
Insect witching rods
A big day for Jimmy
The viking longcar was once the scourge of European roadways
To the horror of the lifeboat's other members, Madonna looses balance and falls on her face
The farmers' mafia sends Henry a message.
Old student: "Oh, my god! It's mr. Blanchard, my old music teacher!"
Math phobics nightmare
Puppy returns from a long sea trip
Red Cloud's ultimate nightmare
It was always a bizarre spectacle, but nobody ever, ever, ridiculed the Teapot Kid.
Alien fisherman: "Nerd... Dang!"
Airplane Captain: "I'm afraid we have to head back, folks... We've got a warning light up here(...)"
How to recognize the moods of an Irish setter

Gary Larson often include animals in his strips, so, if you think that it's crule to use animals for entertaining purposes, look past the previous links.





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